Almonit Blog (blog.almonit.eth)
The (probably) best blog in the Dweb.

Blockchain Projects

Blockchain Router (router.eth)
Blockchain Router is a gateway to your privacy and decentralized internet of the future.

Blocktimer (blocktimer.dappstar.eth)
Find Ethereum blocks by date/time or unix timestamp.

Electrum-mona (electrum-mona.eth)
Monacoin's thin client.

EthHub (ethhub.eth)
Source for essential Ethereum information.

Iexec (doracle.eth)
Iexec price Doracle.

Iexec Price Feed (pricefeed.doracle.eth)
Price Feed by iExec

Inzhoop (www.inzhoop.eth)
A mobile wallet with many features built around users.

Kitsune Wallet (kitsune-wallet.eth)
KitsuneWallet is a framework that helps developer build upgradeable and reconfigurable on-chain wallets.

KOIOS (koios.eth)
KOIOS uses blockchain technology to innovate education.

My Ether Wallet (myetherwallet.eth)
Ethereum web wallet, also known as MEW.

MyCrypto (mycrypto.dappnode.eth)
MyCrypto is a free, open-source interface for interacting with the blockchain.

NaumovLab (naumov.eth)
Create, develop and program Smart Contracts of any complexity encoded on the Ethereum, TON, EOS, Waves, TRON etc.

Portal Network (portalnetwork.eth)
Decentralized Domain Name for the New Internet.

Romagnachain (romagnachain.eth/index.htm)
Italian blockchain project self-described as "La blockchain delle eccellenze".

Smart Domains (smartdomains.eth)
Website for selling ENS domains with a strong 90s vibe to it.

StiB P2P (stibp2p.eth)
P2P Digital Exchange.

Uniswap (ipfswapper.eth)
Protocol for automated token exchange on Ethereum.

Web3 Playground (web3playground.eth)
Test your Ethereum contracts by creating your custom code snippets.


Big and Small (game.portalnetwork.eth)
A fun-looking blockchain game.

Chuck-a-Luck (web3casino.eth)
A blockchain casino game.

Crypto Puzzles (cryptopuzzles.eth)
Links to crypto puzzles.

Digitally Rare (digitallyrare.eth)
A podcast where Matt Condon and Jonathan Mann explore what it means to own things on the blockchain beyond. (chiefmonkey.eth)
Laser cut Bitcoin and crypto art.

Lil siri (lilsiri.eth)
Electronic music artist.

Pac-txt (pac-txt.eth)
A Pac-man text adventure game, pac-man meets Zork.

Personal Websites

Alex Fisher (alex.eth)
The website of Alex Fisher.

Ben Lê (ben.StiBp2p.eth)
Founder/CEO at StiB Labs.

Bernardo Vieira (obernardovieira.eth)
A developer.

Bonedaddy (bonedaddy.eth)
Lead developer and infra monkey for @Temporalcloud.

Boris Mann (bmann.eth)
Developer at Fission.

Christopher Shen (christophershen.eth)
Founder at Portal Network.

Destiner (web.destiner.eth)
Timur Badretdinov, also known as Destiner.

Gerard Persoon (gpersoon.eth)
Blockchain Teacher at the The Hague University of applied sciences.

Graham Nelson (cv.gnelson.eth)
Digital Assets Tech Lead Investec.

Guillaume Demers (guidemers.eth)
The website of Guillaume Demers.

Hadrien Croubois (hadriencroubois.eth)
French PhD in computer science from the École Normale Supérieure de Lyon. Blockchain, Cloud and distributed systems expert.

Henrique Dias (hacdias.eth)
the website of Henrique Dias.

John Kane (johnkane.eth)
A Programmer.

Josh Pelkey (joshpelkey.eth)
The website of Josh Pelkey.

Matt Condon (mattcondon.eth)
The website of Matt Condon.

Max Osiris (maxosiris.eth)
art, cryptoart, blockchain, psychedelics and chasing flow-states.

Maximillian (Max) Laumeister (maxl.eth)
Software Engineer / Designer

Miguel Morales (zplit.eth)
Estudiante, músico electrónico, cyberpunk.

Monkybrain (monkybrain.eth)
The website of Philip Prophet.

Patterns in Cyberspace (harshjain.eth)
The website of Elliotyagami.

Pepesza (pepesza.eth)
Erlang expert, console dweller and enthusiast of distributed systems.

Phyrex Tsai (phyrextsai.eth)
Founder at Portal Network.

Pierre-Alain Ouvrard (opacode.eth)
Engineer, Researcher and Developper.

Straybits (straybits.eth)
The website of Sean Lyons.

Wayde Reitsma (waydereitsma.eth)
Jack of all trades.

Yahsin Huang (yahsin.eth)
Tech writer in Taipei.

Yorck (yorck.eth)
The website of Yorck.

Виктор Агроскин's Friends (vvagr.eth)
First Russian decentralized website ever.


ATMarketplace (atmarketplace.eth)
A 100% fully decentralized App store.

Badger Ethereum Wallet (badger.merklework.eth)
An Ethereum wallet.

Defswap Exchange (defswap.eth)
Decentrlized crypto exchange.

ENS is Money (ens.ismoney.eth)
Buy ENS Subdomains.

Ethereum Name Service Registrar (ensmanager.matoken.eth)
An experiment trying to create ENS manager as an IPFS website.

Ethmoji (app.ethmojis.eth)
Buy emoji ENS subdomains.

Ethporeum (officialswag.eth)
An e-commerce Ethereum swag store.

Hozt (hozt.portalnetworkweb.eth)
Decentralized Hosting.

Ipfs with TiddyWiki (tiddly.bluelightav.eth)
TiddlyWiki plugin helping developers, editors or users in saving their wikis and attachments with Ipfs.

Keydonix close (liquid-close.keydonix.eth)
Close a leveraged ETH position.

Keydonix DAI to DAI-HRD (dai-hrd.eth)
Service to exchange DAI with DAI-HRD.

Keydonix Open (liquid-long.keydonix.eth)
Open a leveraged ETH position.

McAfeeDex (switchdex.eth)
McAfeeDex decentralized exchanged.

Origin Swag (originswag.eth)
An e-commerce Origin swag store.

OwnPaste (ownpaste.eth)
OwnPaste is a pseudonymous paste sharing app. It is a cross-over of other web platforms such as pastebin, 0bin, ipfsbin, IPFS & IPNS etc.

Stacking Sats (isstackingsats.eth)
Buy .isstackingsats subdomains.

Tornado Cash (tornadocash.eth)
Privacy-preserving Ethereum transactions using zero-knowledge proofs.

Turms Anonymous Message Transport (turmsamt.eth)
Turms AMT (Anonymous Message Transport) is a DApp for peer-to-peer messaging between Ethereum addresses.

Winding Tree (wtbooking.eth)
Open source distribtion ecosystem of hotel and airline inventory.

XeonbitDex (xeonbitdex.eth)
Xeonbit decentralized exchanged.


Increaseo (Increaseo.eth)
Tutorial for building ENS+IPFS websites.


Amoeba Core (amoebacore.eth)
Amoeba Core OS and toolchain for training and conducting slime mould (Physarum polycephalum) based computation engines.

SpaceX (spacex.eth)
Private US aerospace manufacturer and space transportation services company


Brad Sherman Mordor (bradsherman.eth)
Satire website about Brad Sherman.

Freedom from Coercion (freedomfromcoercion.eth)
Hub for information about freedom from coercion.

Merry Merkle (merrymerkle.eth)
Donations with Ethereum.

Nathan Clay (nathanclayforcongress.eth)
Natahn Clay for congress.


The Blue Book (thebluebook.eth)
Artistic book with thoughts about the internet, budhism and other things.

The Eternal Word (eternalword.eth)
Bringing digital copies of the bible to where it is banned or censored.


Oppai Land (oppailand.eth)
Hentai oppai drawings.


Pac-txt   Pac-txt
  Pac-man meets Zork.

Almonit Blog   Almonit Blog
  The (probably) best blog in the Dweb.

OwnPaste   OwnPaste
  Pseudonymous paste sharing app.